Glasgow Coma Scale Song


I can show you how to use the coma scale by Glasgow.

Eye, verbal and motor responses are classified.
Up to 4 points for the eye,
Up to 5 points for verbal,
Up to 6 for motor,
15 total as the high.

Eye score of 1 - Eyes do not open up at all.
2 - Eyes open to painful stimuli.
3- Eyes open to a voice.
Eyes score of 4 - Eyes open up spontaneously.

Now that we've made it here
it's crystal clear that it's time
to move on to verbal scores.

A verbal score of 1 means there's no verbal response.
2 - is moaning.
And 3 - is use of inappropriate words.
4 - is confused...they're disoriented.
5- oriented responses.

We're at the motor part.
This won't be hard.

Score 1 - is no motor response at all.
2 - is decerebrate.
3 - is decorticate (posturing with pain).
4 - they withdraw from pain.
5 - localize to pain...move toward the painful stimuli.
6 - obeys commands...add up the scores.

Score below 8 - that's a severe rate.
9 to 12 is moderate.
Minor - above 13.