A vedic math can ease the global burden.

Ciao, this is Hakodate Ryohoku Hospital.
I’m Dr. Daisy.
Today we’ll tell you about a secret of easing the global burden.
Although a raised BMI is associated with increased cardiovascular mortality in adulthood, it is not routinely calculated. So, we would like to introduce a new index by fixing BMI at 25, which is the border of normal range and overweight in BMI classification by World Health Organization.
When we refer to the body weight where BMI as BW 25, it is calculated by adding the last two digits of the height in centimeters plus one percent of squared half of its complement to 100.
Our equation has three advantages.
First, it has only one variable, which is easily calculated from a height. This saves us work with mental math, and patients do not need to give their personal number before establishing a relationship of trust.
Second, it enables two step decision because of the simple structure with two terms: the last two digits of a height and a correction term, which is in squared form and small compared with the preceding term. This is why anyone who weighs less than the last two digits of his height is not classified as being in the overweight range. Moreover, to calculate the precise answer, we have only to add the square of the half complement of a divided by one hundred as a correction term.
Third, a ten percent reduction approximates the ideal body weight.
Thank you for listening, ciao!